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Davinson has had to persevere and overcome significant odds, growing up in Colombia, to become one of the top players in the English Premier League. He’s no stranger to adversity, and understands firsthand how even the smallest of breaks in a young child’s life can be all it takes to pave their way to greatness. Teaming up with Davinson in this campaign will help XLP score one of the most important goals in their mission to provide resources, education, and empowerment to disadvantaged youth.

XLP reaches over 1600 youth per week in some of the most economically challenged neighbourhoods across the country - communities that often includes targeted groups for hate, discrimination and social injustices based on their ethnicity, religion and economic status. The impact from XLP is a team effort of social workers, mobile support units of mentors and technology, volunteers, and donors such as yourself. Whenever you enter the sweepstakes, a contribution will be made to support XLP's effort to sustain and increase the reach of their program:

⭐️ Donate US$10, you will be able to help fund a 2-hour mentoring session for a young person
⭐️ A donation of US$100 will ensure the mobile youth centre (XLP Bus) continues its journey for another week, allowing support be accessible to those who need it

And don’t forget, not only will you be making a significant contribution to this important mission, each entry puts you one step closer to hang and play FIFA with Davinson himself.



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  • Celebrate with Davinson Sánchez once the pandemic is over
  • Play FIFA22 with Davinson 
  • Take a photo together and receive signed football shirts to remember this day
  • Get invited to a football match with 2 VIP tickets from Davinson
  • Includes flights and accommodation

Disclaimer: The safety and peace of mind of our Icon and yours is our top priority, so we’ll make sure this experience is scheduled when it’s safe.

Make An Impact. Support Now.


Get a e-card from Davinson. you will help a young person pays for a mentoring meeting and receive 100 entries to win.


Get a e-card from Davinson. Help pay for a game that help young people learn English and Maths and receive 250 entries to win.


Get a video message from Davinson. You will be help a young person buys equipments for their sports project and receive 1000 entries to win.


Get a video message from Davinson. You will help fuel the mobile youth centre for a week and receive 2000 entries to win.

The Icon

Davinson Sánchez is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Tottenham Hotspur and the Colombian national team.

However, he would not have the chance to play in the Premier League and have a career in football if not for the support he received from his family, coaches and community.

A victim of social injustices issue such as youth violence and racism throughout his life, he understand that importance of support youth needs to have a better life.

As an opportunity to give back to the society and taking action against social issues, Davinson is partnering with charity XLP to offer this experience.

Click here to learn more from Davinson himself.

The Cause

The eXceL Project (XLP) tackles social injustices by creating positive futures for at-risk youth from low-income households, particularly with those from low-income, broken families, minority groups, and people with low education.

The project empowers disadvantaged young people through education, counseling, mentorship, and community building helped harness their potential and set them on the path to becoming valuable contributors to society.

XLP is a charity registered with the fundraising regulator in England and Wales. Registered charity number: 1101095.

For more information please visit

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