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XLP reaches over 1600 youth per week in some of the most economically challenged neighbourhoods across the country - communities that often includes targeted groups for hate, discrimination and social injustices based on their ethnicity, religion and economic status. The impact from XLP is a team effort of social workers, mobile support units of mentors and technology, volunteers, and donors such as yourself.

Your purchase not only get you a rare Lionel Messi autographed FC Barcelona home shirt but also fund 60 mentoring sessions AND help fuel the mobile youth centre for 6 months.

Good things indeed comes to those who gives!



[PRE-ORDER] Lionel Messi Signed and Personally Dedicated FC Barcelona Home Shirt

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Disclaimer: Deliverable by approximately December 2021.

You will receive:

  • Authentic Lionel Messi signed FC Barcelona home shirt
  • Messi's dedication will read: "Para [YOUR NAME], con afecto"
  • A Messi branded Certificate of Authenticity (COA) created under license by detailing when and where the shirt was signed as well as photographic evidence of Messi with your shirt

The Experience

Always dreamt of owning a hand-signed shirt by Lionel Messi? The perfect chance for any FC Barcelona fan to put their hands on one signed by the Argentine genius. This replica FC Barcelona home shirt will be signed at an upcoming contracted signing session with Lionel Messi

Please be aware that due to the current restrictions on global travel and non-essential business, coupled with the immensely busy schedules of our Icons, the dates of some signing sessions can be subject to change. Regardless, we endeavor to update our customers with the latest news and arrangements.

The shirt displayed in the image on this page may not match the shirt that is signed and dedicated. The image shown here is for display purposes only.

The Cause

The eXceL Project (XLP) tackles social injustices by creating positive futures for at-risk youth from low-income households, particularly with those from low-income, broken families, minority groups, and people with low education.

The project empowers disadvantaged young people through education, counseling, mentorship, and community building helped harness their potential and set them on the path to becoming valuable contributors to society.

XLP is a charity registered with the fundraising regulator in England and Wales. Registered charity number: 1101095.

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