Davinson Sánchez

Challenge Davinson Sánchez to a FIFA match
Challenge Davinson Sánchez to a FIFA match

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While it is unlikely that you can beat Davinson Sánchez on the pitch, there could be an alternative. Challenge him to a game of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4. You could win the ultimate bragging rights: that you beat a professional footballer at his own sport.

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Davinson Sánchez is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as a centre back for English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and for the Colombian national team. Signed for Tottenham in 2017, Sánchez was a club record signing, costing them around £42 million. A ball-playing defender who likes to start attacks from the back, Sánchez's speed and strength make it difficult for opponents to get past him. 

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Challenge Davinson Sánchez to a FIFA match

Challenge Davinson Sánchez for bragging rights at a FIFA game online on PlayStation 4.
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  • Play FIFA 21 with Davinson Sánchez.
  • The gaming platform will be on PlayStation 4.
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