Steve Nash Foundation  

Steve Nash Autographed Jersey & Nash Themed Sneakers

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Steve Nash Foundation focuses its resources on underserved populations of children at home in British Columbia, the US, and around the world. 

By supporting existing organizations with funding and technical assistance, and by thoughtfully addressing global and local challenges by innovating in and collaborating on critical areas of inquiry, we work to implement strategies that empower communities.  

Areas of focus include early childhood neurodevelopment and health, equity in education, and best practices in child abuse and neglect prevention, with a goal of improved outcomes for children of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Steve Nash Autographed Jersey & Nash Themed Sneakers

  • One (1) Steve Nash autographed Phoenix Suns Jersey 
  • One (1) pair of Nash-Themed Sneakers designed by The Remade and signed by Steve Nash 
  • The sneakers size will be US10 
  • Each donation comes with a random bonus token which grants bonus entries for other experiences. 


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Steve Nash

Steve Nash is considered one of the best passers to ever grace the game after earning five single-season assist crowns and ranking fourth all-time on the NBA career assists list. His playmaking served as a historic engine and the Hall of Fame point guard's teams ranked No.1 in the league in offensive rating in eight out of nine seasons (2002-07, 2009-10).  

In 2001, Nash founded the Steve Nash Foundation. Through grants to public service and nonprofit entities, the foundation aims to foster health in kids by funding projects that provide services to children affected by poverty, illness, abuse, or neglect, and create opportunities for education, play, and empowerment. The foundation was awarded the Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy in 2008.  

Nash also founded the Jim Jennings Memorial Endowment Fund, established in honour of a volunteer staff member at Santa Clara University who served the basketball team for more than 20 years.

Steve Nash Foundation

The Steve Nash Foundation was founded on the belief that children – of all socioeconomic conditions, races, physical abilities, religions, national origins, gender identities and gender expressions, sexual orientations, and life circumstances – are exceptionally valuable members of our communities, and deserve the quality resources requisite to their healthy growth and development.  

Our organization thrives on the positive impact we create and deliver for the communities we serve. From Steve, to his family, to our staff, we are committed to advancing diversity, equity, social justice, and inclusion through our work, and will do so by: 

  • fostering respectful inclusion of different perspectives and experiences, and embracing diversity while acting against hateful, bigoted, violent and harassing behaviours; 
  • ensuring that our policies, practices, and programs consider and seek to address societal inequities that disadvantage children and families, including implementing programs that work towards equity and social justice;
  • seeking out and working with companies, organizations and individuals that actively engage in or supportively align with anti-racism work, and declining to work with entities that do not support efforts in diversity, equity, social justice, and inclusion;
  • using our time and resources to assist underserved children in their health, personal development, education, and enjoyment of life; and 
  • creating opportunities for and lifting up the voices and platforms of those traditionally underrepresented in all aspects of our work and mission. 

We hope you’ll undertake these (and more!) goals in your own spheres of influence.  

We’re all in this together.